Welcome to Raadhuskroen. Ringsted's Town Hall Inn

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We are glad to welcome you at Raadhuskroen in Ringsted

Authentic traditional Danish cuisine in warm and cosy surroundings. Birgitte & Henrik are both founders and innkeepers at Raadhuskroen. Together with the skilled staff at Raadhuskroen, we will serve you traditional and old-fashioned Danish dishes made with handpicked high quality ingredients at Ringsted's Only True Traditional Danish Restaurant.

Try the traditional ‘Open Danish Sandwich’…which in Danish is called ‘Smørrebrød’

When thinking about Danish Food, the first thing that comes to mind is usually the old traditional Danish Open Sandwich. Order a couple pieces of open sandwiches at Raadhuskroen and get a real taste of the Danish cuisine like Grandma made it.

Fried herring in delicate sweet and sour vinegar, crisp and warm pork roast with traditional Danish sweet and sour red cabbage.

More in the mood for a good steak? Try our Tenderloin steak with mushrooms a la creme and other delicacies all served on the traditional Danish freshly baked rye bread.

On Raadhuskroen’s menucard you want find anything other than the best dishes from the traditional Danish cuisine. At Raadhuskroen you want find burger buns or salads filled with fillings that do not belong to the Danish kitchen.

Experience the classic ‘Open Sandwich’ reinvented here at Raadhuskroen, and which can be ordered according to the long open sandwich menu - every day for lunch.

At Raadhuskroen only the best chefs will prepare and arrange our ‘Open Sandwiches’.

Namely the innkeeper's own wife - Birgitte - who better than anyone knows how to prepare the traditional Danish Open Sandwich.