About Raadhuskroen

Raadhuskroen has since its opening in 1987 been managed by founder and innkeeper Henrik Petersen and his wife Birgitte. Both Birgitte & Henrik succeeded in making Raadhuskroen one of the absolute most popular traditional Danish restaurants in Ringsted and in the surrounding area around Ringsted.

Raadhuskroen’s success through all the years is mainly because of it’s nice and cosy tone with a high degree of attention to details to the menu and to the customers needs. Above all Raadhuskroen’s cuisine is based on good old Danish food traditions and dishes are always served in abundant portions.

Try to lunch at Raadhuskroen – it is a chapter in itself and you will only know why when you visit our place. Now you can have a piece of the traditional Danish ‘Open sandwich’ like our Grandma’s made it.

In Copenhagen at restaurant Grøften in Tivoli is actually where Birgitte & Henrik met each other many years ago. Grøften in Tivoli is the celebrities' lunch restaurant number one. Birgitte worked in the Open Danish Sandwich section and Henrik was one of the waiters in the restaurant.

This meeting and the inspiration from the surroundings at the time in Grøften among other things now reappears at Raadhuskroen in Ringsted.

Whether it was Birgitte's open sandwich skills that made the innkeeper Henrik fall in love does the story not reveal anything about, but Im sure they will tell you if you ask them.

Now everyone can come to Raadhuskroen and experience the fantastic food. This surely is a romantic love story and a adventure into a traditional Danish restaurant with an absolute exquisite cuisine.